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few living creature

life has been a little cruel
it seems like every day is a duel

we argue with other people's opinion
and sometimes we don't like even our own action

things doesn't always go our way
and some people doesn't do what they say

we always expect something from another
because we give trust like it wouldn't bother

that sometimes everybody seems so different
and they are acting so incoherent

i'm not telling you every body is
because that's not a thing i would ever wish

there are still this few living creature
who would be there when you wouldn't want a future

you might hear cruel words uttered
but you'd be sure, they'd make you feel that you matter

they are those who would know when to be
that someone you needed one should be

they can brighten up your gloomy day
even if you've chosen to stay silent all the way

they could be your family's proxy
when you're miles away from your real family

you may not be connected by blood
but they can be the best people you might ev…


2203-3J152018 she had been through a lot lately many things make her feel weary she's far from who she was back then when things are always held in hand. i don't know how you molded her seems all the feelings she can bear yes, she feels afraid for a while but knows it isn't worth the while. her understanding grew so fast but her independence was last. you taught her when she was twenty three though she still feels she's your baby. but she was able to adjust when things upset her with a bust. grown with deeper understanding about life and these little things. now that she's left with different task but since you're gone she got none to ask. all this time she missed you so bad that's why most of the time she feels so sad.

"fleeting nostalgia"

1126-M12019 we're sitting side by side but half of me thinks you're still not fine i heard the voice i miss so much sitting together feeling your touch the feeling was so much familiar that i don't sense any danger we were just there taking time talking never felt worried about anything we're feelin' more of excited... excited for something great to happen but knowing we're together was enough hearing the voice that is so soft feeling so safe and secured with you there i'm so glad with the moment we shared i felt the happiness only you could bring

#inspirational message

Latter-day Saint Whose Family Passed Away While She Served a Mission Shares Hopeful Message: "We're Not Alone" byJensen Parrish | Feb. 26, 2019 Makes You Think
The following was originally published in LDS Living magazine in February 2015.
This month marks the five-year anniversary of when Jensen Parrish lost her mother, father, and two brothers while serving her mission. We are republishing this article to commemorate their lives and to reflect on the powerful lesson's Jensen shared following her sudden loss.
On August 24, 2013, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came to visit our mission. All the missionaries gathered in a church building, anxious to meet him. He spoke with such power, and I remember the Spirit testifying to me that he was indeed an apostle of the Lord and that anything he said would be of God. I remember he gave each of us a promise. He said, “As you serve your missions with all your heart, mind, and strength, your families will be protected.” I made a promise to …

glimpse of my life

life gives us too many things to think of. things of the past and plans for the future... all of these are mem'ries, sometimes untold but cherished.

BLIND SELF #solicited

if you know me, whether you just heard something about me or really met me in person, kindly, write something in this portion. [on the comment  box below, please]. i'd be glad to read or hear anything from youkung may galit o gusto kang sabihin o di kaya ay nais lamang iparating, pwede rin.😅 i'm OPEN for positive or negative thoughts. you know, Life is SHORT. We don't have enough TIME. i'd love  to make it better each day and ALL THESE little things in this portion make my life a WHOLE LOT BETTER. this blog proves my existence. 😁 especially if you'd tell me your thoughts aboutME. kindly put a hashtag(whatever you like:) #first_impression #discovery #reality


basta ang alam ko lang po you're a good and kind hearted person, though bago pa lang kita nakilala napaka approachable mo po, pero minsan maulaw ko saimoha maam kay hilumon ka na pagkatao. For the short time that we gotten to know each other I discovered that you are Strong silent type person. The way you express ur feelings po through writing blogs I think it's a strong personality kasi hindi lahat ng tao kayang gawin yung ginagawa mo I'm blessed that I get to know you po, may you continue to inspire others sa pamamagitan nang pagsusulat. Sa konting panahon po na nakilala kita marami po akong natutunan, dito pa lang sa mga blogs mo po sobrang dami na every word po na sinulat nyo dito, I felt ur heart ur happiness, pain & sadness and also sa mga advice po na binigay nyo sa akin malaking tulong po yun maraming salamat po. 2172019
#joyjoy #blindself #solicited