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crying inside

they've been looking at me
waiting for tears to fall

but i was laughing there
'coz they obviously didn' t notice at all

what they don't know is
i've been crying my heart from the start

especially when
somebody's saying their remarks.

that was your time usually
when you were still around

i can still see you walking there
on your way to the mic

like you're still strong and able
just how i wanted you to be

when i am not feeling so good
now that i am feeling so lonely

but then i know you can't now
that's why i'll just laugh it out

making me look so strong in my own way
though for them, i'm really hard like a stone.

well that's better for now
that makes me feel i can manage things in my own.


this ain't farewell.

my sincerest apology for not taking your word to be so serious (about the speech) kaya ito, aayusin ko na., may kopya para souvenir.

to: Berlan  Grace G. Bolado

like what i've told you a while ago. i am happy for what you have achieved. i am grateful that you reached the goal. you haven't forgot the purpose why you have started this journey. there are too many opportunities ahead of you. i know you'll eventually lay your plans clearly one of these days. i remember the conversations we had. your pains, struggles and heartaches with those around you. especially your negativities... but you're here right now. you have worn your best #ootd and got engaged with the profession you chose.

you still got a long way to go and i guess you'll really have a long way with your confidence and perseverance. with all the experiences you had, i know it made you stronger one after the other. you have overcome the battle within. i hope that today, i mean this week.. you have felt your gr…