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unexpected little happy melody

The first time we met
you do look so silent
Yes, just that moment.

Meeting you was unexpected
but your laughter captured us
It's contagious even if it's not wanted. ✌🏻😊

I do remember you
but i haven't got a clue
that you'd be so true.

Sniffing my armpit in front of them
gave me a feeling i can't comprehend
good thing i wasn't sweating then. 

You talk so clear, 
you seem got no fear
and yes, you're so sincere.

You cross a busy traffic
like you own the whole street
and that looks so terrific.

Talking like we've known each other
years before we've met here
in this place with untold answers. 

Maybe we knew each other back then. 
Yes, before this world was, maybe we're really friends
and we planned to meet this time before this world ends. 

you always hug me (us) from nowhere
which at first is a little awkward
but you explained why and that struck me hard. 

You came seven months ago
thinking of dif'rent plans to do
not knowing what's in here through. 

Maybe, you just want to end the Sem. 
so that you can come back to them
and be back in your own scheme. 

Now, as i look back, 
I've been tracing your track
and yes, i found some crack. 

Not the crack that breaks
but on jokes that make my tummy aches
making us laugh no matter what it takes.

You seem to be a happy soul, 
You've never been too foul
not in words nor actions you show. 

There are times when you seem so naughty
but not up to being haughty
'coz you know your boundary. 

Wait! let me rephrase that..
"always" you are so naughty
that it breaks my life' s monotony. 

Now, it's new for me when you're silent
but, i see, you look so innocent
with obvious heartfelt intent. 

You just want everybody to be happy, 
drawn full smile in our faces you wanna see
that's why your name fits you truly. 

Your voice is mesmerizing, 
it really sounds so amazing, 
believe me, i am not joking. 

The audio clips you send unexpectedly, 
it gives happiness to me
that's why i play them repeatedly. 

Life may have been a little savage
with plenty different adage. 
Reminding us to live with less baggage.

i found the same color in you, 
it may not be literal, but it's blue
with a little touch of dew.

At first, others find you intriguing
'coz you always laugh in every thing 
those little things you keep noticing. 

And there, we had a little serious talking
and i discovered we had life's similarity
with all those abrupt changes in full degree. 

You also lost someone so dear, 
the same as what i had feared
and now, we're left trying here. 

That scenario changed both our routine
wherein nothing could ever intervene. 
We lost a refuge that feels so serene.

You reminded me of a saying
which goes another way of stating
but reveals just the same meaning:

Everything happens for a reason, 
there's a purpose in meeting dif'rent persons. 
In life, there'll be different seasons. 

Laughter might not mean pure happiness, 
sometimes, it becomes a hiding place
from things we fear on interface. 

You became a happy pill. 
Since then, no day went still
with your happiness nobody can steal. 

With all the teasing
you don't even find it irritating. 
I hope there'll be no hating. 

You reminded me of life's important things
like letting go if you lose the strength
especially the bad which other people brings. 

We should always be happy no matter what
even with simple things that we have;
that we should always have forgiveness in our heart. 

I was thinking they must've missed you, 
maybe they are yearning for a person that's true;
willing to be there no matter what life brings you. 

Through you, i found a daily dose of laughter. 
It happens everyday without bother, 
that's one thing i will always consider. 

You might be leaving this place
though you're not sure what's the exact case
and we don't know if we'll see each other on the comin' days. 

I think I will really miss you by then
'coz i realize the effort and time you' ve given. 
All of it are worth keeping; never to be forgotten.

Especially the knock knocks you always share
'coz most of it are different, so rare. 
Thank you for the time you always spare. 

With all the tiring stuff the day has brought
your melody washes them away
and gives me serenity which can never be bought.

Thank you for the helping hand
without any reprimand. 
You are always more than ready to stand.

May you keep all the people you love
and find peace that' s from above
especially those you'll forever have. 

I'm hoping you'll be happy for real;
praying for your heart to be fully healed, 
no more avoidance and strange fears

Life may have twisted your story;
it must've increased your worry
but I hope it won't make you feel in a  hurry. 

Let's not take life too serious
because there will always be things kept mysterious
which might get us a little too furious. 

It may be difficult to feel cool everyday, 
there are challenges always in our way
but please don't forget to smile each day. 

They might cause you too much to think about
problems you can't help settle down, 
despite that,  may you still be there fighting the frown. 

Problems got its own way of solving itself
just stay cool and happy while problems are dealt, 
so, take care of yourself, that's your only wealth. 

Do sleep long enough for strength to be regained
coz that's what you need every single day
just do so to avoid any illness or pain.

Not all the time somebody will be there physically
to look after you whenever you feel sickly. 
Nobody wants to see you feeling down and lonely.

Remember that family will always be family, 
they might make you feel a little sorry
and though sometimes they too make you angry. 

People who are meant to stay will always choose to. 
You might not be related by blood but you can be family too. 
Afterall, life is not about the 'who', but it's how you lived your life through. 

No matter what happens in the future
may you remain to be that innately happy soul;
choosing to laugh and the negatives you let go.

It's okay to hug every now and then
if that makes you feel better often. 
Those gestures are from the heart that your mouth can't open.

You carved a smile with chuckle in my heart. 
That when i remember you, i feel that part;
I hear the laughter and jokes tho we are apart.

Remember this in times you get tired:
That even when your nickname you can't find, 
there will always be somebody here willing to make time

I will always be grateful knowing you;
I believe it's part of His plan too.
Nothing is an accident that's what i knew.

Whenever, wherever we may be
even with distance we can't see...
You can still send audios if you want to say something to me. 

I'll be looking forward to your knock knocks
tho I don't know where you all got that
I'll be laughing at it tho sometimes it sucks. 🤣

Your random song recording too
is one thing i won't get tired listening to.
I'd love to hear you sing before you get famous through.

And yes, do reach for your own ultimate dream, 
No matter how difficult it may seem
You can have it if you do your best, your everything.

This might be longer than you expected
but i hope you didn't get tired reading
and i do hope, from this, you'll remember something. 

You might feel bullied by us sometimes
but always remember that your vertical measure
is a hundred times measure of your heart. 

Always be happy with your kind of laugh
and have that enough amount of being tough
even though life prepared you a road so rough. 

Always trust your life's anchor, 
you will forever be strong despite stupor
He will always be there for you forever.

We can't stop time and change
but i hope you'll always be feeling great
no matter what it takes. 

Knowing you as you innately are
with that kind of happiness and care
yes, i'll never forget this cute happy little girl.

🎊🎉happy 21st birthday 🎉


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