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when things go wrong
as  it sometimes will

may we find the courage
to listen and be still

no subjective judgment
wish to be abrupt

may we give time the chance
to losen up the gap

complete the puzzle
with all the little ones

not putting any blame
yes, not to anyone

look at the story
and listen carefully

every character there
always has something to say

and it's sad when we don't listen
as if we never experienced it that way

you've been through a lot too
you, too, got your own waterloo

and nobody blamed you
for gripping at it too long

nobody has to be blamed
i guess it's your heart needs to be tamed

atleast don't pull someone so low
like it has no strength left to grow.

may we help one another
as we achieve to be better

not than the other
but from who we were


silently watching

i remember her looking at me
yes, staring as if she knew
who i am and our connection be...
i was caught without a clue.

i haven't seen nor heard who she was,
i'm puzzled who she could be
i wonder how she could talk like that
as if we talked privately

yes, i realized right then and there..
we were always in your mind.
watching after us like a brother
though you're nowhere to be found.

regrets, what if and if only thoughts
haunted me for the first time
memories and thoughts of you flash through
in this lonely crazy mind

it made me feel a little funny
and a little bit scared too
knowing that someone out there knew me
wond'ring if i know them too

if only i realized early
that you were just somewhere there
silently watching us so closely
we could've made things better

i know we can't bring back the past now
but that day, i'm glad she came
she reminded us how great you were
and i wish you felt the same.



i have this strange feeling
and my heart is hurting
i think, myself, i'm losing

not who I am as what i knew
but as what or how they know
i think they've been observing my life too slow

i know what i can't
i knew what i shouldn't
but i think they don't know what i wouldn't

i lost the trust that was given
not because i have broken
but because i lost the one who gave it.

now i'm left with unstable courage
and yes, i'm still here feeling all the damage
with all these useless memorized adage

i thought i can live this kind
thinking i'll have a simpler life
but then, that's what i am denied.

maybe that instability is pulling me
feeling so down and totally empty
left with judgmental people around me.

it's been a long time that i'm holdin' it in
i'm trying so hard not to let go of the grim
even though within me i' m losing the beam.

nothing compares to this kind
the emptiness i never thought is here inside
it'll shatter me if i'll confide

overthinking e…