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hey, don't forget you have a life to live
you have the choice whether to stay or leave

your world does not turn for them
so avoid making decisions with your whims

this world will give you unending pain
focusing on it won't give you some gain

so live the life the way that makes you feel good
and not how others believe you should.

making sure you're doing things His way
and not only on what your own mind say.

opinions and judgments will never leave you
remember the ones who were there for you

life didn't promise anyone a smooth sail
so don't ever expect you will never fail

even the ones you never thought would judge
will throw the first stone but don't ever bear a grudge.

life ain't perfect and it'll never be
perfection in this world, you will never see.

you should have learned now to be tough
with this kind of world that's always rough.

you'll get tired but please don't you ever quit.
even though this life is never sweet.

there will always be something in return

there goes my fear

getting too close
revealing many things
getting too familiar
is sometimes not a good thing

they will always have something to say
that will get in your way
they'll see you right through
and hit you in your waterloo

one thing i don't want
is explaning what i can't
and getting too close
revealing what i'm afraid to lose

seeing me feel weak
showing what i'm afraid to risk
showing a care you deserve
is not something i can always serve

but then, sometimes
there will be someone who breaks
and steps just right there
challenging what you fear

and there goes that feeling
regretting but can do nothing
you just have to be who you are
making others feel you don't care