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this crazy cruel world

i miss you-- the whole you.
i've got the same issues right now.
yes, the same as before but i never heard your judgment. niether did you ever defend me from any of it.
with that i know that you know me.
and you know that i know myself well.
you made me trust myself
you made me trust my own judgment;
my decisions
you made me learn from my actions.
my experience taught me straight and i'll never regret that.
it's been the same.
i guess it will always be the same until the end.
people will always have something to say.
something you never thought they could
even those people you treated so well.
those people you showed the whole you
but i guess they didn't notice
the ones you thought knew you so well even if the world will twist the truth.
it is hard, heavy and tiring.
it will always be hard. 
but i think this time is harder than before.
not that it's hard because i don't know myself anymore.. because i know that i know myself well.
this time is difficult than before because nobody…