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The rain is pouring a little We need to drive a little slow. 
Talking while driving home, I feel better that's what I know. 
And there the ambulance running Its sound gave me an awkward feeling
I thought the feeling I've overcome years ago But I guess, not that time when we're driving home
I remember Mom's look, it's complete sadness written in books. 
Silence enveloped the atmosphere T'was only your dying breathe I hear.
I was feeling numb back then Really didn't know what, where and when. 
Sitting inside a moving box,  Running in a hundred twenty kph max. 
Can't do anything to make things better And this mind can't even stay inside, it wanders. 
What if's and if only's are overflowing Regrets and plans for restitution were overwhelming.
Losing someone as phenomenal as you is what really breaks my heart more than two. 
Our chit-chats until 2 AM is what I miss more than anything. 
Eating junks with drinks at lunch. Your untold-unseen life are stories in bunch. 
You c…